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The Business Side of Medicine ~ Coding, Reimbursement and Compliance for Physician Practices

National Speaker and Healthcare Consultant, Auditor and Educator, Terry Fletcher CPC, CCC, CEMC, CCS, CCS-P, CMC, CMSCS, CMCS, ACS-CA, SCP-CA, knows from over 25 years medical reimbursement industry experience that Coding, Billing and Compliance for physician practices and hospitals can be tough to navigate. Her CodeCast® Podcast series will share insights to current rules and regulations the Medicare payer requires, along with Commercial insurance plans’ rules and reimbursement challenges. Discover revenue opportunities to maximize reimbursement in your medical practice, focusing on different medical specialties and platforms each episode.

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CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

Collection Tips for Medical Practices

This week’s program is about medical collections. The fresher the claim denial is, the better your chances are of it not being archived in the payer’s system. However, you may need more help. Terry has some quick tips for collectors, billers and coders to have a successful appeals process. Some helpful notes include citing regulations, […]

CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

Coding vs. Billing

In the medical field, August is when coders and billers get a bit of a breather. They can catch up on work since most physicians are on vacation. As such, we invite you to tune in as we get back to the basics and the fundamentals of physician practice coding and billing. In the spirit […]

CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

Why coding and documentation audits are more important than ever

All HIM leaders know that coding and quality audits are critical. Consequences of substandard coding, lost revenue, increased denials, and greater compliance risk make the development of a coding audit program a priority for healthcare providers of all sizes. Unfortunately, scarce resources and conflicting priorities force many providers to compromise their compliance and auditing programs: […]

CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

CMS breaking news: biggest change proposal in two decades for E/M

In what would be the biggest change in two decades, CMS is proposing to re-define the documentation requirements for E&M Coding in 2019. They are proposing to forego the 1995 and 1997 guidelines for what is being reported as a “simpler model” and a “patient over paperwork” concept. But what isn’t being addressed is the […]

CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

Social media mistakes with medical practices

A medical practice is a business: and like any other business, customer satisfaction is a key component to success. Your social media presence is an important factor in your customer’s satisfaction. More than 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health. In other words, having […]

CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

Best practice tips for collecting patient balances

Collecting money from patients for their “share of cost” of the medical bill can be a daunting task: but recent studies have shown that the patient portion of outstanding balances is now approximately 23% of medical practice revenue if they hope to stay private. This week’s podcast will deliver a number of easily-adoptable options, policies, […]

CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

How to hire an office manager

An office manager is one of the most important hires a medical practice can make. As office manager is responsible for overseeing all of the details of running the practice. They are invaluable for allowing the physician to focus on treating patients instead of being tied up with administrative duties. So, what goes into making […]

CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

HIPAA and Text Messaging

Under the Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act (HIPAA) healthcare providers must maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all ePHI created and transmitted by a covered entity. But what about text messaging? Do text messages fall under HIPAA or Civil Rights laws? In this episode of the CodeCast Podcast, Terry addresses how texting, as […]

CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

Top 10 Tuesday Q&A – June 26th, 2018

The Top 10 Tuesday Q&A returns this week with questions from all over the country. Terry addresses a number of topics pulled directly from the top onDemand Coding Corner network questions, such as “cheat sheets”, Telehealth, OIG insight, and finger injections to name a few. Ms. Fletcher also covers questions about whether afterhours care is […]

CodeCast Podcast - Coding, Reimbursement, and Compliance

Simple mistakes can lead to a major loss of revenue

Simple mistakes can always make life harder for any healthcare or business professional. But in a medical coding and billing office, these simple mistakes can lead to thousands of dollars in lost revenue for physicians and their practices. This episode of the CodeCast Podcast not only focuses on how to easily fix these simple mistakes, […]