Chart Audits & Medical Records Review

We provide Audits and Medical Records reviews (E/M and/or Procedural) for as little as $1350 per physician to start.

Option 1

We offer remote E/M chart/records reviews. We audit based on the 2021 E/M Documentation rules for Office and Other Outpatient visits and based on the 1995/1997 Documentation Guidelines for all other E/M CPT codes (e.g. Initial Hospital Visits, Subsequent Hospital Visits, Observation, etc.)

We are in keeping with current Medicare and AMA Documentation Guidelines.

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Option 2

We offer remote, Procedural Chart/Records reviews based on your specialty. (example, Cardiology – Heart Cath’s, PCI, Device Implants, Office Diagnostics, Peripheral Procedures, etc.). We review for compliance as well as determining if you are capturing all of your procedural services based on your procedure/operative reports. Many practices under-code their procedures.

We are here to make sure you are capturing all legally billable services.

Call  714-746-3077 or fill out our quick web form for a quote or more details.

*Coding Corner Members receive discounted rates on Medical Record Audits.