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Modifier 22 Letter

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As promised, below is my Modifier 22 Letter to assist in appealing claims: when the procedure or surgery was an “increased procedural service” and the reimbursement on the fee schedule does not account for the extra work, time, and difficulty. Modifier 22 Letter (PDF Format) Terry FletcherBS, CPC, CCC, CEMC, SCP-CA, ACS-CA, CCS-P, CCS, CMSCS, […]

What is a Remote Coder?

What is a Remote Coder?

A career as a remote coder allows you to work remotely in the healthcare field and use your computer skills to access what you need to fulfill the job requirements of an onsite coder or billing professional. Remote medical coders are typically set up through their employer’s/medical practice’s IT department to access the patient medical […]

How to break into the Healthcare field as a medical coder

Coding on a laptop

As the population ages, the need for medical coders is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects this field to grow by 21% through 2020, a rate much higher than an average healthcare industry job. Breaking into the medical coding business is not difficult, especially with the demand for skilled coders so high. Because […]