Is your practice LGBTQ+ friendly?

Is your practice LGBTQ+ friendly?

In today’s ever-changing patient profile, it is important that healthcare professionals embrace an attitude of change. We must recognize that staff needs training on more than the ICD-10-CM associated conditions for LGBTQ+ patients: they also need training on inclusive-language in the practice for intake forms and conversations in general.

Terry discusses what it takes to make your practice LGBTQ friendly for this new alternative medicine patient population.

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  1. Sharon Trader says:

    Great info to have regarding LGBTQ presented in your outstanding professional style. Your initial reluctance to approach this subject is a lesson to all medical professionals….it’s not about the doctor, nurse, coder or anybody except the patient and their needs. You kind of give me hope that a kinder, gentler world can be a reality if we all accept one another for who we are. Looking forward to the next CodeCast about correct coding. Also looking for the place to rate this 5 stars…

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