Telehealth 2018

Our lives are becoming more and more remote controlled. You can now earn a degree online, shop with the click of a button, or manage other aspects of your life with the click of a button from computer or smartphone.

The same can now be said for our health. Managing your health from a distance is becoming increasingly popular.

Telehealth and Telemedicine is the process of managing health via telephone, video, email or any other technological option. Today’s podcast focuses on the advantages telemedicine services offer in 2018. Now more than ever these services can build a better practice and client base while attracting new patients.

This topic was discussed briefly in 2017, but nearly halfway through 2018, the concept of Telehealth is heating up all over the country. You do not want to be left behind!

Listen in for some tips on making informed decisions for implementing Telehealth services into your practice and reducing practice costs.

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