Pitfalls of an E/M audit: an auditor’s perspective

Auditing physician’s practices for a living can be a tough job. It’s even tougher witnessing a continuing pattern of behavior in vital documentation with many physicians across the country.

In today’s CodeCast, Terry shares her auditing concerns and issues that have risen out of 1000’s of audits she has conducted over the years.

The discussion centers around the importance of passing or failing an audit, and avoiding being a red-flag to payers but will also show both sides of the process. It’s important to not only focus on documentation and coding failures, but also positive outcomes from a training discussion with the provider. Terry will also talk about tools to make the documentation process easier: think of this as your personal CDI discussion with some revenue opportunities mixed in!

Remember, this is about taking the “Business of Medicine” to the next level.

Your business. Your practice. Your peace of mind.

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