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Telehealth spotlight and post-pandemic Medicare audits

Over the past several weeks, we have seen unprecedented changes to rules, edits, and other measures traditionally put in place to stave fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare industry. The changes happen so fast and so often with Telehealth services, I could be presenting a Webinar one day, and within hours it can be […]

The Dangers of “Cloned Notes E/M” in Healthcare Practices


The practice of cloned or copy and pasted documentation is a significant issue in the use of electronic health records (EHRs). A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that of hundreds of progress notes examined by researchers, just 18% were newly entered by clinicians (Wang, 2017). Medicare (CMS), defines cloned […]

Professionalism in the Healthcare Profession

Medical team standing in the hospital corridor

Do you magically become a professional when you obtain a certificate that says you attended school for a certain amount of time? There are ways to represent professionalism, but what does it really mean to you? Let’s examine what it means to be professional: How you dress, where you work, the places you go, or the […]

Email like a boss

Professional typing an email

Sometimes the smallest things can make all of the difference when you are a boss, supervisor, administrator, team leader, manager, etc, trying to have the face of credibility but also respect. One way to keep that respect, is to learn when you need something or you need someone of your team members to respond to […]

What is a Remote Coder?

What is a Remote Coder?

A career as a remote coder allows you to work remotely in the healthcare field and use your computer skills to access what you need to fulfill the job requirements of an onsite coder or billing professional. Remote medical coders are typically set up through their employer’s/medical practice’s IT department to access the patient medical […]

Make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change 

A woman walking on a path

My daughter has one more semester of student teaching before she is a full-fledged high school teacher at 23 years old. After countless hours of hard work, test preparation and college classes to achieve her undergrad degree and now her post-grad credential, my girl is about to embark on the most significant growth journey of […]