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E/M Documentation Revisions for 2021 are around the corner

AMA is on track to revise E/M codes and set new documentation guidelines. What was considered to only target the Office and Other Outpatient visits, has now been expanded to impact the entire E/M section of CPT®. The AMA’s CPT® Editorial Panel approved many changes to the Evaluation and Management documentation and coding guidelines. If finalized, the […]

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Join us for a webinar on Fracture Care Coding > CPT 2019

Coding for closed treatment of fractures is nuanced and complex, which can lead to coding confusion. Our upcoming educational Webcast on May 15th, 2019 clarifies how to code for this form of treatment for successful claim payment. Any physician or qualified health care provider may consider the following methods of coding for closed treatment of […]

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You only have one chance to make a first impression

We have all heard the phrase “You can never make a first impression twice”. This hold’s true for almost anything in life. Job interviews, first dates, and yes, the first time a patient steps into your medical office. The first impression you make with an employer can make or break the opportunity. The same way, […]

Register now for Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) Basics webinars

Hierarchical condition category (HCC) coding is a risk-adjustment model originally designed to estimate future health care costs for patients. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) HCC model was initiated in 2004 but is becoming increasingly prevalent as the environment shifts to value-based payment models. Hierarchical condition category relies on ICD-10 coding to assign […]

What is a Remote Coder?

What is a Remote Coder?

A career as a remote coder allows you to work remotely in the healthcare field and use your computer skills to access what you need to fulfill the job requirements of an onsite coder or billing professional. Remote medical coders are typically set up through their employer’s/medical practice’s IT department to access the patient medical […]

Register now for the NPP: Incident to Coding and Billing webinar

Register now for the APN’s, PA’s and “Incident To” Rules webinar

“Incident to” is a Medicare billing provision that allows services provided by a non-physician practitioner (NPP) in an office setting to be reimbursed at 100 percent of the physician fee schedule by billing with the physician’s NPI.  According to the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual Chapter 12 “incident to”, is defined, in part, as “services furnished […]

Register now for the Telemedicine Virtual Visit Coding 2019 webinar

Register now for the Telemedicine Virtual Visit Coding 2019 webinar

Hospitals, doctors and other health care providers seeking an edge in today’s highly competitive healthcare environment would do well to consider a smart telehealth strategy. It’s not an option any more to think telemedicine doesn’t fit into your practices. It is a delivery of medicine that many physicians and providers across the world have bought […]

CMS Physician Final Fee Schedule for 2019

CMS Physician Final Fee Schedule for 2019

There seems to be a lot of confusion that the E/M codes and levels are changing in 2019. This is NOT accurate. The changes to the levels of E/M’s and reimbursement will not occur until 2021. Here is what is happening in 2019. Everything is spelled out in this link. The four bullet points below […]